I am having a shift of mindset, I learnt programming to create solutions that will make impacts in local communities - I live in Africa ... but lately, I just want to make money, alot of it.
I dont have any inspiration to continue any work for < SGD'S IMPACT PROJECT>. I plan to send my resignation letter to all.
I will probably just remodel/replicate another capilalist business model...
When I am rich enough, I can think about making an impact.

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    You will never be rich enough...
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    My man!!!
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    I think it's totally fine to go for the $$$, help yourself first. Not being a burden on anyone is a huge accomplishment. Next help your immediate family, then your neighborhood, etc.
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    And this is a textbook case of how money and political compass works. The more money you have the more capitalist you become!

    Now you're a part of the system as it was designed to work. Instead of crying for free stuff you start producing value and earn your own living like people used to in the past. Marvelous
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