I quit this startup side job coz I was over worked and under paid for 3 years and I decided it wasn't worth the mental fatigue and anxiety. Plus I didn't feel like it added any value to my life other than stress. Gave them at least 2 months notice (since February effective April 30th) coz as the only server side engineer+team lead, I did ALOT. Now they brought this hot shot new CTO who wants me to basically rewrite the entire app before I go while maintaining the existing system and making sure everything functions smoothly (there is a ton I chose to optimise to make things easier for the new dev who they have not hired and I have 4 weeks to go) . The app was built in mongo db now he wants it in mysql. Can't believe ask me this after breaking my neck and falling in and out if depression for this job?!! I want to laugh and scream at the same time.

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    go to the psychiatrist and call in sick?
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    "They’ve probably hired the cheapest CTO they could find as no one with any real experience would expect you to do anything other than handover while you’re on notice."

    This - the guy is a nutcase. Anyone decent would work with what they have, make sure you spend all your remaining time doing handover documents and training, and be spending all their time trying to extract knowledge from you. Getting you to build a brand new system in that timeframe, even if it *was* feasible (which it isn't), is about as stupid a thing as they could do. I know of no-one competent in that role who would want someone who's walking out the door soon designing & implementing a key piece of infrastructure.

    If it were me I'd say I can start on that, but would get nowhere near done, and are they sure that's what they want? If so then I'd just do it at a snail's pace and wouldn't even think about rushing.

    Good luck wherever you move next!
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    @UnicornPoo it is his first time being a CTO so I give it to him...what an entrance. I have wanted to quit since last year and I am glad I am leaving. Bye bye to waking up at midnight panicking coz I slept off working on a feature.
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    @AlmondSauce To add icing to the cake, he said "isn't it just the data layer which is already abstracted" he also wants it done "fast". Obvious sign of no experience but he will learn for sure.

    I did swallow my rage and tell them that it is not an impossible task, it just won't be done by me. The best I can do and this is me trying to leave on good terms is setup all the config necessary but I will not be writing one line of code to rewrite what I spent over a whope year building.

    At one of my other gigs this would take a team of 3 atleast to get it done "as fast as possible".
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    @witchDev Yeah, I think that's the right approach. With that CTO in charge I suspect the whole business will be under in a year anyway.
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    From my point of view, you have 2 options.

    1: Simply refuse, or convince them to wait until a new person starts. It doesn't make sense to rewrite everything when you're about to leave. It's stressing for you, and it probably be very hard to maintain for them.

    2: Do it the best you can, but don't stress about it. Write documentation along the way to give them a chance to actually maintain it.

    Either case, don't stress or work overtime.. What are they going to do, fire you :) ?
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    @TudiKovin lol I received a mail this morning saying my resignation is taking into effect today and not at the end of April simply because I said I wouldn't do it. Seeing as I haven't handed over to anyone I take it they will rebuild the app the way CTO wants it. Tbh I am not even mad, just glad this phase of my life is over. I get to focus on myself this month and will end up with a job that pays 10 times more.

    I gave them a lot of effort and sleepless nights. I have no single emotion or energy left to give.
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    @witchDev Oh wow, really? .. That really sounds like a douchebag company.

    Personally I think you did right - As developers we have a responsibility, and redoing everything when you're about to leave the company is not responsible at all.

    Just wish them luck in the future, and pray for the poor soul who will take your place :)
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