I'm about to develop a test app in Rails for a job.

Wish me luck, guys! :D

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    I'm already on it developing a web app/website and I think sometimes it's so painfull because I don't understand everything. How about you, any experience in Rails and Ruby?🤗
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    @PetriJ I have some experience. However that is true, rails is not something you can learn in 30 minutes like laravel or node haha

    I like it because of Ruby itself. It is a beauty language :)
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    How did it go?
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    Pretty good. I finished it today and delivered to the company that asked me to do it as a test for a job. I have to wait for his response now.

    I think the app was a very good one for a test. It wasn't easy nor hard. It has the perfect difficult to let them know how are my skills on rails.

    I will paste here a link for the repo and the heroku app once I know the answer :)
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