Someone advised him that WP runs faster on Ruby.

Now, he wants me to port WordPress to RubyOnRails !!!

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    Its your duty to the save the clients from self harm.
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    Yeah, it took 30 minutes. But, now he understands it. πŸ˜…phew
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    @mcraz if you *did* manage to convert WordPress to Ruby on Rails the open source community would love you. In fact, while you're at it,I'll take on in Python please. Oh! Cobol! We need one in Cobol.
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    the know it all attitude is funny hahah good luck buddy :)
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    @mcraz still surprised it took thirty minutes... It should be common sense. At the end you customer's brain seemed to have kickstarted. Best of luck here onward.
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    @bearcatsandor I wouldn't touch WP even if I was asked by NASA to do so.
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    @mcraz alright. I'll bite (cat here). Why wouldn't you touch it with a 10em pole?
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    Try to look at WP code without eyes bleeding and we'll talk πŸ˜›
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    @mcraz and the alternative CMS would be what?
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    @bearcatsandor Its a fairly good CMS. It's just bad code.
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    @mcraz You ported it and explained how Ruby works in 30 minutes? 😳
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    @grosten I just made him realize how bad he was conned by his ex dev.
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    I know what runs faster than Ruby: The dev having to implement this bs request :D
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    Did they tell him WP runs faster on Ruby, or that Ruby on Rails is faster than PHP -- without discussing WP?

    It sounds kind of like a client confusing some stuff they were told... At least from the screenshot.

    Glad you got it resolved though.
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    @JSn1nj4 he showed me email where the other dev got him a host that supports Ruby and thereby RoR. And asked him to INSTALL WP on it
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