We were doing a project for uni in which we had to make a game in Java, we were on my department the night before working the last bits, it was working perfectly, until two hours until we had to turn it in, when I ran the code on IntelliJ it worked but the .jar file I exported didn't work and I didn't know why... I had to carry the my desktop PC I was working on because my laptop was broken at the time and we didnt have another computer on hand with IntelliJ and shit, I could swear I could see my friends laughing...
Two hours later from presenting the project I realized someone changed the file of a name from spritebatch1.png to Spritebatch1.png...
Changed it back, worked in an instant...
They were all behind me and started laughing like the best joke in the world was told...

I almost killed them all, but laughed along them afterwards...

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    A photo of that day... I'm the fat guy on the left with his PC...
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    Congratulations for experiencing more in one project than a lot of people experience in the first part of their professional careers, it'll make you much stronger as a coder and individual. Keep at it man
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    @RStrydom thanks! I truly had a great time working on this and other projects, it is been my dream to be a programmer/developer and I live every day feeling that I'm achieving my dream! It's really a great experience!
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    @Hoshi Welcome to this oddball community. Where sharing actually makes a real difference in so many lives
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    @RStrydom It's not usual to find a community with people that actually try to help and do good! I'm glad to be here!
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    Hahahahaha I just love how you carry that thing around.

    Kudos to you for solving the bug in the end
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    @slaat Thanks! Coming back to the apartment, it was full on resolving that problem, even if I was already graded, I needed to know why it didn't work, I stared at the screen until I found it, it felt so great when it ran successfully...
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