Practice "garbage collector": relax by keeping your eyes closed for exactly 10 minutes when you feel tired (you won't fall asleep).

I usually do it once (after lunch) or twice a day (and mid afternoon).

Benefits are huge: just try it.

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    Simple rules:
    0) EXACTLY 10 minutes. No 9, no 11. Use a stopwatch;
    1) Never open your eyes (you can still talk, listen to music, etc).
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    Dont think I will stay awake then
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    I guarantee you 10 minutes and I am 100% asleep.
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    10 mins!!! I would be dreaming within few minutes... I did tried it and ended up in nice slumber.
    But I agree with you, breaks helps a lot.
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    Well, I've heard that if you stay still in bed for 10 minutes and your eyes closed you're gonna fall asleep
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    I use meditation for that purpose.. To clear my mind and retain a sane state :)
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