I created a django app for event management for our college's event. Initially planned to host it on local network. But seems like college local infrastructure is not that capable. So I am thinking to host it online. Is there any free or dead cheap hosting for 5 days that can handle 1000 requests per day.

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    Why free? Find the best host that offers refunds and go with them.
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    Google cloud? They offer free 300$ for 60 days
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    @dprm international cards are rare in India
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    @vikaskr College student from India here. Your college would have provided you with a .edu address. Use that to make a new github account. That'll give you access to the student developer pack. Which you can redeem with DigitalOcean. They are super cheap if you want to run it for just 5 days. Like, less than a dollar cheap. As for the issue with international cards, use (Indian specific Banks) ICICI, HDFC or Axis. All of them work with any international transaction.
    Hope this helps.
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    @vikaskr Not to mention, you get $50 of credit everytime you use the method I mentioned.
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    if (it is yet to be done):
    try: heroku or openshift
    except: pass
    else :
    raise (Question , "What did u use n how was the experience")
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