Long rant ahead.

Holy shit is this hard.

I'm not a dev, but I'm working really hard to become one. I come home from work every day at 7:00pm and study between 3 and 5 hours of coding, and finally I'm starting to make decent responsive web pages. I got excited, finally the studies are paying off and I guess I got carried away and told a "friend" about it.

"What?, But making web pages its fucking easy anybody can do web pages! I did mine with dreamwiever, is that even considered development"

And there goes my self steem holy shit..I know, I know its not development, Im not a programmer neither do I pretend to be one but holy shit.

I guess I wish some people would anderstand the amount of effort that can go into an app or web..

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    I feel you. Have done my first webpage when I was 8 and today we are developing websites and an app
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    You should have asked him to WRITE a responsive wevsite, i'm not a xeb dev and i always thaught system dev was way superior then web. I decided to start building a website. I started with the look man even css was hard caus i have no fucking imagination... Once i was satisfied with the look and all i started with the backend and i found my self stuck on php as i'm not that good cause i never use it. I ended up making a decent responsive webpage but to be honest the fact that i had to consider all the web browser and stuf was super hard! When one thung worked on chrope it was totally not working on Firefox. Everyone can paint but not everyone can make art.
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    Yeah it's hard to beginn but once you've wrapped your head around the concept of programming it'll be easier.
    I mean once you understand javascript, ruby and python are learnt quick. And HTML/CSS is required skill for the web. So keep up your practice and have some fun on that journey! 😄
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    @flyingjake Thank you 😊
    The project we are working on is 4 years old since yesterday and our small community loves it. Still no time to publish it and to get even more people attracted
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    @sam0 Very true, I'll keep that in mind next time someone tells me something like this, cheers!
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    @heyheni thanks for the cheerful message! , I'll keep doing my best, cheers!
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    To me front end work is harder than backend work. Especially with all the browsers you must support.
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    These kind of people make me really fucking mad. He/she should have encouraged you!

    But anyways, you are technically becoming a developer, yes you are! You are developing beautiful responsive websites.

    Although I've been into the dev/programming business for nearly seven years now, it's funny how you can keep learning things. I started with NodeJS (I'm deffo a backender by the way) and was happy as fuck when I could show my friend (he is a node master) my first lines of socket.io server (WORKING!!). We cheered with virtual beers over a chat :).

    Keep your head up! Keep dedicating your time/energy in building awesome things. I believe that if you keep going like this, you'll become an awesome dev ;). Keep on rocking, fuck the haters and oh, yeah, congratz on that web page, that's awesome, man!!

    Oh and, fuck Dreamweaver, really fucking fuck it.

    *virtually cheers with a beer*
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    @linuxxx thank you very much for the support!! , Cheers!!
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    @sam0 I fully agree, just the added empathy of being fair to all your users (functionality imitation wise)
    Is enough to separate that line of developer and hobbyist, it's ironic because we built these tools to make people do that, but I find solace in the fact that there will always be this skills required well, that a lot of people will fall into and keep the real developers in demand
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    Dreamweaver!?! That is almost like creating a webpage in Word.

    Install Wordpress, tada I created a webpage.

    Ignore him and keep up the good work!
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    A developer and Dreamweaver do completely different things. Unless your friend can make all the back end logic, the website is just a painting.
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    Be proud of the progress you've made, it is not easy to work and study in your free time.
    You're the best version of yourself you've ever been,
    Keep up the good work!
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    Dreamweaver makes terrible HTML whether or not you get a decent site in the end. You are doing the right thing; don't be discouraged by amateurs.
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    First thing first.
    1. Always take fucking pride about whatever you do and celebrate it as well.
    2. Every step counts.
    3. Never leave anything in the middle just because someone said it isn't worth it.
    4. Always keep learning.
    5. Be with people who always encourage you. There goes a saying "You're are average of five people you spend most of your time with".

    You can always tell us about your work and I guarantee this community will help.
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    Your friend is a dick, well done! One small step at a time til world domination :)
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    I can't believe the amount of support you guys are giving me! Thank you all very much!!! I'll make sure to keep giving my best and don't let these type of comments affect me.
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    That's great, keep it up! Out of curiousity, what's your age of I may ask?
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    @linuxxx I'm 23 years old, the thing is that I've been wanting to develop since I was around 9. I made a bunch of games on game maker, rpg maker and other engines when I was a kid but after trying really hard to learn C++ to make games I just gave up on programming entirely. I convinced myself I was not made for it. And here I am at 23 starting over, at least this time I know I wont give up.
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    @flyingjake no wonder you did, C++ is very hard by itself (it is even for me after like 5 years of fiddling with code daily), and then game developing is about as hard with lots of specific things you need to know. Do one thing at a time and it will work 😊
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