Teaching git to the team, guy asks what is a GUI. Git'fork out..

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    He might be a command line ninja...
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    I'm currently learning git using a GUI and I don't know if it's necessary to also learn the commands or if it's enough to understand how the GUI works.
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    @Dollique learn and live by the commands
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    There's a git gui ? When did that happen
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    @drRoss cmd line ninja or not, if he doesn't know what a fucking GUI is, he shouldn't have that job.

    If I was interviewing somebody for very basic data entry position (using a termin only) and they asked me what a GUI is, my only response would be:
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    Why are you teaching your team git by GUI though?
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    @corjaantje I am most certainly not. I was just explaining that for those team members that do struggle with command line or should I say find it intimidating, that there are GUI's available like source tree and gitkraken. To my surprise I get asked the least expected question from that innocent statement.
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