I love how Microsoft updated the user interface for editing the PATH variable in windows. Now it is possible to see all entries in a table, before there was just one textfield with many entries seperated by semicolons (I know the update is already some month old now, but still happy)

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    Yeah, and one can even change the order.
    Aww, microsoft starts to think properly. What a time to be alive.
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    The number of times I've been annoyed by a small non-resizable window showing a list that is cropped both right and bottom with scroll bars.

    Probably my no 1 issue with modern versions of windows. I'm glad that this window has been addressed.
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    Yeah, after 30 years of disappointment and "windows is already installed, it must be great"-defaultism this is a huge and overwhelming accomplishment of M$. Great job! Maybe its time to start working on the start-button ... still not sure if conditioning user to except a start->shut down workflow is the doing of an eeeevil villain or a spoon shagging dimwit.
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    They did that? Looks like there is hope for the future of computing after all. Gone are the days of me copying and pasting between Notepad and that stupid, annoying, non-resizable window.
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    This list still exists. There is a user path variable and a system path variable. The system path variable is updated the user one is still this bullshitty textbox
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