We've got a printer made by HP, not the newest make, but it used to work and it still does, but only when printing from Windows. MacOS and Linux printer support stopped working after a cups update some years ago. Setting up a new linux laptop, I just wanted to check, but the issue is still not fixed. HP website offers a "virtual agent" which turns out to be an unhelpful chatbot, so probably devrant is the right place to state that this still does not work. Unfortunately I live in Germany, a country that still requires some amount of paperwork.

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    Your new laptop sounds eco friendly
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    I found a loophole. There are some providers that offer sip accounts withba local number. I am currently trying to get my phone to record my signature that i want to copy into an pdf that i want to send as an fax to an number. Since a fax is offical the same as an letter (except it doesnt cost so much) its binding under the law, without the need to print out anything.
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    @wackOverflow it will be when I still use it in 10 years, at least this is one of the reasons to choose Linux
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