I am new to devrant and it seems like a neat platform to connect with exclusively developers and programmers. I am newly enrolled in Full Sail University's Web Design and Development Online Bachelor's degree program and learning early HTML and CSS currently on my own while finishing my general classes. Any tips/tutorials/courses on code, inspiration, best way to approach learning languages, etc. are all appreciated. Also open to connecting as well.

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    @NeWbOy17 How much does the student pack cost in USD?
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    @NeWbOy17 Looking into it now. Thank you so much!
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    This conversation is so fishy, from two new users that just registered. Seems like another shitty ad campaign by full sail.
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    @electrineer Lmao. I assure you it’s not and that I’m a real student. Just a brand new developer looking for all the tips and help I can get.
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    @aviophile I see this is no different than any other social media platform. Love to see it.
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    @NeWbOy17 Small problem with frontend masters. If you are doing web dev, from some of the jobs I have looked at job sites you probably need to be full stack. Frontend masters does not have that many backend courses. Though they have a full stack track which seems decent. Also check out Brian Holt's courses there, he is excellent.

    Also redeem this stuff from the developer pack :-Aws or Azure or digitalocean since you might need to use them at work though aws is more popular; I have only managed to get azure. They are also useful to get some test app up for fun.

    Go rails if you want to learn rails for backend. They launched a pretty good rails course for begineers but my subscription expired and I have not used ruby a lot so I might be wrong,

    Anything from the learn category you find useful

    Jetbrains if you want to try their IDEs but vs code is mostly sufficient

    Also use the learning resources from azure or aws. The azure ones are really good in my experience
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    Also get namecheap and name.com for your domains
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    When you're looking for hosters, ALWAYS CHECK REVIEWS REGARDING DOWNTIME FIRST.
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    And by the way you May Just wanna Check Out the inofficial discord Server
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    I started just with the basic tutorials on w3schools.com, their little CSS tricks are great for inspiration and it doubles as a shittier version of MDN as well.
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