Does your bosses/managers also posting shit ton of pathetic buzzwords posts on LinkedIn (like: embrace, family, awesome organisation, very proud, guru, celebrating) and yet you know the organisation from inside and it's same corporate sh*t as everywhere else?

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    Isn’t this pretty much true everywhere you look?

    Politics, advertising, sales, job postings, management, community projects, pharmaceutical companies, humanitarians, feeding the poor, welfare, social justice, pet food, people food, ... the more you dig, the worse it gets. And underneath it all you begin to find the real monsters.

    But I digress. It’s all terrible, and people try to con everyone into thinking it’s wonderful.
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    @Root totally agree, you're 100% right. Since it's "devRant" I only ranted about dev part of this issue.

    Why people create this fake sense of wonderfulness? Nobody's interested in truth state of matters anymore.
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    Blame the 21st century.

    You're not important, unless you're popular. You can't be popular, if you don't make everyone one else look at you.

    The Internet exploded the social popularity contest and now everyone must live in a social dream of bullshit or not be seen by the world.

    For me, fuck them! Darwin will raise from the dead one day and kill the simpletons of the world off.
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    @Root what’s wrong with pet food?
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    @Root nah they don’t care about feeding the poor, they just want to look good by saying they’re champions of the people and get a million likes when in reality they wouldn’t feel bad for shooting a homeless person in the face. Being the internet champion of welfare and helping the unfortunate aka playing the Jesus of the Internet is a great money making strategy for the zuckerbergs and their lizard brothers and sisters
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    @TeachMeCode I think it was @Root point that "feeding the poor" is also faked in media, just to boost popularity.
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    @bzq84 that’s what i meant. Some people who care nothing about human suffering would use it to boost their status. The internet is the fastest way to do just that.
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    Yes tired of hearing "doing the right thing" or "being a leading force".

    What does it even mean? Does anyone even believe this bullshit? Why would anyone openly admit to "do the wrong thing"? Isn't it implicit a company should do these otherwise they have no point in existing?

    Company values are straight up bullshit and some people are being paid way too much to come up with this.
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    Took me a few days to write this. I’ve been way too burned out.

    @bzq84 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Honestly, though, it’s not surprising looking at how it evolved.

    At first creatures killed and ate each other. Then with civilization, humans started killing and stealing one another’s food. Then other possessions. Later when this wasn’t culturally acceptable anymore, it turned into slave labor, which is just a mask for theft and killing. Then it became forced labor, another mask for the same thing. Then it was another form of forced labor: paying shit wages for endless labor in terrible conditions, basically no different than slave labor. From there things improved so we are no longer working endless hours in factories from the time we’re 5, and are now paid half decently. But now there’s deceit on top of the rest. Boss/company lies to you about working conditions and the projects and their quality, your pay and raises and how much they value you, and about time off, and to customers about how good and safe and reliable and affordable the product is, and to regulators about compliance, etc.

    It’s still theft of your time and effort, and now customers’ money too. It’s the same stealing, but now masked by lying and virtue signaling. But look through all of it and you’ll find you’re still getting taken advantage of by the exact same kind of person. We’re this a thousand years ago, Mr. Asshoe wouldn’t just be yelling at you to work harder.

    To be fair, though, I think people have come a little ways and are generally better now, but no matter, these thieves and would-be murderers still exist.

    ... And let’s not even get into politicians.
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    @TeachMeCode Where to start...

    Pet food is mostly corn+wheat+soy despite animals not eating these in the wild. They have meat, too, mostly rejected meat that can’t be used anywhere else. And fillers like sawdust. It has vitamins, too, which is nice. Really though, your pets should be getting these from real food, especially as we are still discovering vitamins already present in our food.

    Some brands are better than others. The most advertised ones are the worst, and “science diet” — purportedly based on a scientific investigation of dog nutritional needs — is also awful.

    The worst part, though? Cats are literally unable to digest carbohydrates, yet their food is loaded with them. (They get energy from protein.) They also are supposed to get most of their moisture from food, and so do not drink much water. If they don’t get enough water, they develop potentially fatal problems. So, why are there dry cat foods? And why do doctors recommend low-protein dry cat food for cats with these problems?

    Vets also get no nutritional training, so they don’t know much about these topics. Actually that’s a lie, they do, but the training is provided by, you guessed it, science diet. (Or sometimes other pet food companies.)

    So, do your research and only buy pet food that’s primarily meat. Or, you know, buy some real meat and fish for your animals.

    Our dog lives on mackerel, salmon, hamburger, chicken, etc., and amusingly it’s usually cheaper than decent dog food.
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    @TeachMeCode Feeding the poor/malnourished. Makes you sound like a great person.

    “For $100 we can feed 1000 homeless kids! Donate today!” This sounds like a great deal, but think about it for a second. What the hell are they feeding these kids?

    The answer is rice.
    They feed starving, malnourished kids rice. Rice has practically zero nutrition. But it’s cheap!

    We got contacted by some charity that told a story about these poor, malnourished children that were infected with parasites, etc. “For just a $20 donation, you can send them a 50 pound bag of rice!” It included a fridge magnet of that 50lb bag of rice.

    But how the hell would rice help them with any of these problems?

    Send them some freaking vitamins and dewormers, jeez. Or at least a vegetable.
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    @Root yeah and what will they do next
    when they’re done with the rice (which will hopefully cure their parasites 😉)
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    But yes, as @bzq84 mentioned, there’s quite a bit of fake philanthropy, too. Usually by politicians giving contracts to friends/family and paid for by charity donations, who then make a minimal show of helping out, but in reality pocket most of it. Or outright use the funds for something else.

    Hillary’s Haiti earthquake relief donation campaign comes to mind. The contract to rebuild parts of Haiti went to someone she owed a favor to, and they built, not houses and roads and such as promised (I forget what they built instead; it’s been years, but i think it was a factory?) ... and they built it on the opposite side of the country from the earthquake where there was little to no damage. So much for “rebuilding Haiti.” What a scam.

    Another one that comes to mind is Marlboro. They donated like $350k to cancer research, and then spent $5 million telling people about it.

    Also, in the US, charities are only required by law to donate 10% of the money they receive from donations to the actual cause. Give them $100, they send off $10. And some charities actually cut this down to 5%. Where does the rest go? “Administrative costs” such as payroll.

    Charities are great, and I absolutely support them and what they do — but only those that actually do something beneficial with the donations. So if you’re thinking of donating, don’t just pick the nicest sounding one. Do some research on them; chances are you’ll find out they’re not as friendly and helpful as they sound.
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