I pitched this crazy sentiment analysis story and it got approved.
Which is great... only now, I have to start learning regular expressions to tokenize my data. Regular Expressions are the worst. 😒

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    Regex are cool! Once you get the hang of it you can write them by heart
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    That's where regexr.com and regex101.com come in handy 😉
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    A programmer had a problem, so he decided to use regular expressions. Now he has two problems :)
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    @stryter I swear I didn't get regex until I started using Regexr. Before that I used to check for valid email addresses by parsing the string and checking for the presence and order of certain characters manually. Ended up with functions about 50 lines long 😂😂😂

    School days...
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    @PenguinRage bro. Don't lie
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