Bought a series on Amazon, "Normal People". Trailer was English, my profile is set to Germany/English, but when I started the film, it was the German dubbing audio, with no option to switch to English. Could be worse, as I am a native German, but often 80% of the original atmosphere of anything gets lots by translation and German studio speakers.

Just in case staff at Amazon wonder why I rarely watch nor buy anything from them, this is one of the reasons. Of course they wouldn't, I'm just one in a million customers, but fuck them anyway.

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    I feel you. Looking for [dt./OV] is usually a good hint that they have the english version was well. Though the trailer stuff is really misleading.

    I rarely use Amazon because as a Linux user with some inferior drm stuff, I get like 420p in every browser. Netflix is 720p if I'm not mistaken and there is an extension to force it to go 1080p (which is my monitor resolution). Also available languages are way better on Netflix. Just rewatched Rick&Morty S04 in english and I love it!

    So as long as Amazon is not the only choice or I don't want to watch a series on a smart tv, it is something else. Either whoever appears on https://werstreamt.es otherwise the Industry forces my hand I suppose. That VPN subscription is nowadays more handy than my Netflix one.
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    @LinusCDE yes, limited Linux support is another point. Cinemas, both, commercial and independent, offer decent quality for home video too. Hope to see the day that real cinemas are allowed to open again after covid, nothing beats the real big screen in my opinion.
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    @fraktalisman Agreed. Especially the sound system is something else there.

    The other solution is usually to rip blurays. I wonder if there will ever by something similar like in the music industry where you can download high quality songs. Being able to basically download Blu-Rays would be so awesome. Maybe in a few decades..
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    Netflix for some fucking reason severely limits audio options based on your region even though I'm 99% sure other options are actually available. I don't know why they do this but fucking hell it's dumb
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    For me is Brazilian...
    I'm Portugese, Brazilian is a Portuguese dialect, but most big companies (Google, Microprose,...) think we all speak Brazilian...
    Dumb asses...
    Worst, Brazilian is a americanized Portuguese, their so lame that to translate from English to Portuguese they say it in a bad English.

    Like Amps = Ampere
    Volts = Voltes
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