To long to read. So don’t do it.

I feel disappointed. It’s not about job or stuff. I’m disappointed about world in general. I don’t see my future on this planet anymore.

The world more or less looks like that :

Politics are trying to help you by stealing more money from you. The more you’re lucky the more money you will pay for it.

Media punch you with some family stuff from everywhere, give you young rich and far away, beautiful picture photos of places, people and food that you at most could visit once or twice per year during holidays that are break from work concentration camps.

If you’re lucky you’re rich or got rich or wealthy and infamous so you can walk wherever you want and don’t give a fuck what you wear but again your old friends are not so lucky bastards so you need to find new friends that are probably assholes. At the end most of the days you you’re doing nothing except killing time to meet with people you like during weekends or evenings.

Then there are families and everyone want to tell you that’s important. Family is like herd of assholes, if you’re weak they will sacrifice you and tell that you’re looser behind your back but when you get wealthy they will come back to tell you that when you were young and stupid they played with you so now you have to buy them some stuff or get them a job.

At the end there are people with “I wrote that book” certificate of excellence try to sell you opinions on everything starting from sexual positions ending on how to take a good dump. The problem is that the moment they wrote that book it becomes obsolete. Teachers of useless knowledge from last century that forgot about google or wikipedia.

All of them are playing your emotions, cause impulses and hormones are what makes you weak and people are looking for your weaknesses to take advantage of you. Get your money or get your attention and maybe even both at the same time. Cause views matter you know it. So like and subscribe dumb fucks.

If you’re lucky you find couple of them who aren’t doing that. Who the fuck knows why but this shit happens. It doesn’t matter if they’re family or you met them month ago. Those are only to keep and hardest to find. Unluckily those also can change by other people they meet or when they’re young.

If you can’t find a friend get a dog or cat or whatever animal you like. Their love is unconditional and obvious to read.

Well that’s most of the “I want to be spotted” culture that is all boring as fuck. Personalized ass and glamorous pictures and short movies of everything you don’t need but looks awesome. And as you see it’s still growing with more specialized portals like onlyfans, twitch and tiktok. We all need to look at what everyone else have or want to have cause 99% of time 99% of us are boring and is bored as fuck. Most of us can repeat same small amount set of stories all their life cause we’re not created to entertain.

I don’t feel joy looking at this shit fucked full of shit people arguing who’s dick is bigger. Who can post most dumb thing. I think I need a break but how to break from everything ? How to break from culture of money where to live on your country land you need to pay property tax ?

That’s all fucked up. Life’s fucked up.

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    Nice summary about the current state of society.

    But you are wrong on one thing:
    You can keep your old friends when you get whealthy.
    And you can even improve their lives by sharing a part of your wealth with them. Just have to be super careful to not become patronizing or trigger greed or jealousy.
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    I hear ya, it’s hard out there. Only thing I could recommend would be the books by Mark Manson: https://markmanson.net
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    I am not going to lie, but it is going to get (or appear to get) a lot worse before it gets better. But it IS going to be better. Hopefully a lot better. The biggest issue is people don't yet know how bad it really is. If I elaborate the dickheads on this site will label and mock me. Seek out your own answers. It will fuck up your head even more, but in the end you will see that people are fighting for the future of the world. There is such a thing as "good people". Its just you never hear about them because "evil people" dictate what you see and hear. I don't have a tinfoil hat, I have an aluminum magnesium helmet lined with lead.
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    @Demolishun how could it be better?
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    Too pessimistic and depressive view on things surrounding you and us. Life is what you make it. Everything is a challenge you have to master. Criticizing anything upfront is way too easy.
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    You're not wrong in my opinion, It's just not worth being depressed over something you can't change. Even if you try to ignore the world it comes crashing down on you constantly whether you like it or not, so Im not gonna tell you to build your own fortune or anything like that...

    But while I agree with most of the things you said, I dont share your disillusion with the world. It's true that it absolutely sucks and It's tough and condescending to every living creature, but it's also a once in a lifetime opportunity... so if It's these rules and this world or nothing, Id still pick this world... I sometimes have fun in this world too and all the suffering and obstacles are just part of the game called survival.
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    Looks more like a review than upfront critique to me.
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    @Hazarth "once in a lifetime" when speaking about said lifetime is an oxymoron...
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    @iiii true, but it sounds romantic. I like it
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    @Hazarth romanticism does not help anyone. It's pink goggles.
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    @iiii I disagree, it helps to make points and affect people in all sorts of ways. Used properly it can have real impact on the world. Both positive and negative, depends on the user.
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    @Hazarth so it's basic manipulation.
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    @iiii if that's how you want to look at it? Sure.

    But I hope you also understand that humans function on manipulation. Everyone that ever speaks to you and says something affects you in some way if you let it. I simply said what makes my personal boat float and if it affects anyone else that's because they can relate, not because I want to.

    I like to look at life as an opportunity, It's what keeps my own nihilism at bay and keep me going through shit. If my wordview can inspire someone else then good, if not, then nothing was lost (except for literal minutes of my time)
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    @Hazarth it's not "how I want to look". It is what it is. Hiding behind fancy words does not make anything different.

    Also nihilism is not essentially destructive. It's just not many can go past despair part towards "make meaning yourself" part.

    Romanticism just hides everything behind fancy words which mean pretty much nothing and really do not help anything, because they don't see anything behind fancy words.
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    @iiii We'll have to agree to disagree on this one
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    @Hazarth never. I hate this expression. It's a PC equivalent of "I don't give even a little fuck about what you are saying"
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    @iiii How much of how you view the world is based upon what you read and see through primary communication channels? What if most of this is actually false information (this is the hardest part)? What if someone were to be able to change that? What if you can change that for yourself personally?
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    @Demolishun were you trying to impress me or something? 🤔

    We are clumps of permutated input. There's pretty much nothing that is inherently "us". There's no real "I", only an illusion of it.
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    well I like you in general, we share a lot of opinions on devRant and didn't want to be rude for no reason but I can spell it out for you if you want

    I don't agree with what you're trying to imply, you're forcing your words in my mouth, I have about a hundred better things to do and I no longer give a fuck about what you're saying

    with your "PC equivalent of..." outburst you're trying to force me into a fight that we're both too stubborn to lose

    I believe you're willfully ignoring an entire field of psychology and you seem to believe I'm not speaking from a logical standpoint.

    As it stands I absolutely believe I'm the more logical one, and I assume you believe the same about yourself.

    what I'm absolutely not is: interested in fighting this out in the devrants comment section as some sort of a hill to die on.

    as it stands, I'm fine with you disagreeing. we've made our stances, I'll leave the rest up to the folk reading the comments if anyone's interested
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    @Hazarth I was not forcing into a fight. I genuinely hate that statement. People use them only in situations when they don't care anymore about trying to speak to each other.
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    @iiii I've read a relationship book recently (by Gary Chapman), and one of the possible conflict resolution, if you can't find a common ground, is to agree that you'll simple will disagree on some stuff. You can both give up the hypothetical "victory" in an argument if it's something that is ultimately petty.

    The dude has over 35 years of experience consulting couples and happens to align with my own experience and beliefs, so I think it's a valid source for my usage of that phrase (though I was using it before as well, I think it's a reasonable resolution in any human contact if the outcome makes little to no difference, like an internet argument)
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    Yes this rant is exactly against all the people that have an opinion and advice to give.

    But like all e-friends (who may or may not just be figments of your imagination as we float through space as boltzmann brains), I'm here to give some unsolicited advice to someone I see suffering.

    The best advice I ever saw for *so many* of lifes problems was this:

    Take a nap and change things up by doing something spontaneous.

    You are not your emotions.

    Also it sounds like you're around a lot of assholes. I can't help with that on the account that I'm also an asshole. It turns out thats one of humanity's defining traits. You're probably an asshole too. Welcome to the big club of assholes known as earth. It's a toilet, and you're in it because you belong here with us.

    People got problems. You. Me. Everyone. It's okay to love them *despite* their problems. Including yourself.

    Fuck if I know if any of this actually applies to you. For all we know you could be a legit golden god.

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    Ever heard of Covey's Circles of Influence and Concern? From your post it seems like you focus on the Concern a lot.

    If (social) media wears you out, delete it. Did so 3 years ago and haven't regretted it for a second. Start doing stuff that makes you feel good. Doesn't matter if it's small or silly. Like baking? Make cupcakes or other tasty things. No one to share them with? Take them to the city shelter and hand them out. Listen to the stories they will tell you.

    You won't change the world on your own. But maybe you will influence two or three other people to change too. Who in turn will influence two or three other people, who in turn... Never underestimate how powerful true gestures of compassion are, no matter how small.

    Because it all starts small. Enjoy the small things for what they are and don't make the large things larger than they are. Your live is your own, so you choose how to live it.

    Good luck man :)
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    For reference, the circles
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    @Lucky-Loek so apparently I'm in tlthe reactive Circle. Thanks lucky for the illuminating insight.
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    @Wisecrack we are all both active and reactive. If you do not react to surroundings you're probably either dead or in a coma, or extremely retarded, I guess.🤔
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    @Wisecrack nothing wrong with some reactivity. It usually has a negative connotation, but like @iiii said: being in control of everything is simply not possible.
    But pick your battles. E.g. you can't control people being dickheads. You can, however, choose who to you talk to and who not to talk to. That's powerful!
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