Why would smn want to use Angular for their project? Its a mess! Its bloated, abstracted, opinionated and so not dev friendly. Its been more than 2 weeks I have been working on AoT and Lazy loading. Dont even get me started on NgModule! Its irritatingly convoluted yet people seem to prefer it. Why? Am I the only one who thinks this way?!?

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    @g-m-f Exactly! U r my new fav person atm.
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    In angular 1 you had the freedom to do what ever you want, including a mess if you're a noob. A robust framework to get you started and rapidly reach your USP with a few minor hiccups.

    Angular 2 was irreversibly destroyed by Microsoft and sharp-seeing-fags.

    If you want to waste your time with trying to fit organic ideas into static structures then go ng2 or that react/shitpack/boilerbag joke.

    Newest candidate for productivity and performance is Vue. Let's see how fast it gets destroyed by anyone who thinks that including something from something is a good idea.
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    @DLMousey Boaty McBoatface. http://joeeames.me/2017/01/...
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    @fuckinghipsters How come 1 guy (Vue) did it right while the 2 big giants (ng2) fucked it up?!?
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    @nummer31 by the fact that they are Giants. They sold you blueprints to a skyscraper when you're trying to build a villa.

    Don't worry, Vue will get ducked up as soon as the mindless net/pack drones hear that it offers better performance than react. It's just a question of time.
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