Waiting on a baby girl in a few weeks from today! Excited! Scared!
Any other future/current dads with babies with tips on how to handle a work from home with a baby?

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    Chat to your partner and agree a plan of when you can or can't be disturbed, and get some good noise cancelling (or otherwise noise blocking) headphones... 😉
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    Keep calm always, like in your job. Your baby will need lot of patience. Be strong.
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    If you get any spare time, spend it sleeping. Everything feels better when you aren’t so tired and unless you’re lucky babies are tiring.
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    I used to code at night. used to...
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    Noise canceling earbuds, headphones, wear them both at the same time. Separate room, that's at the end of a corridor. You place a minefield ob the corridor, replace the door with thick metal door.

    Add a light which shows your status (free, not free) and drink an industrial amount of coffee. Best of luck, friend

    A father of 3
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    Enjoy! I have a 4yr old daughter and Twin girls that were born yesterday! I work from home! I gave up my home office for a baby room so my wife agreed that I can get a garden cabin. Electrician coming next week to sort it out, but as a developer I need a place to work!

    Doesn’t have to be huge. Mines 8ft square, big enough for a desk and some monitors!
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