Guys, I have all symptoms of wasting time in bad work (can't stop thinking about it, anxious, can't relax, can't focus on a hobby, etc.)

But - how the hell you can know if next company won't be even worse? How can you be at least basically sure that today's "bad" isn't that bad in comparison to your next employer?

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    I’m in similar situation. I was promoted recently, I like my colleagues, the atmosphere, everything except for the project I’m working on which led to the same procrastination as you have.

    What I’m doing while looking at other companies is the project I will be involved in. If it’s not interesting, I know I won’t be able to be productive after couple of months of work.

    Hope it helps. Stay strong, haha.
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    You don't. Keep changing jobs until you find one that suits you. You can improve your luck by asking good interview questions.

    Had similar issues like you. No motivation to work or learn new things. I even considered changing my profession back to electronics.

    After switching 2 jobs, I found better job and I'm feeling super motivated again.
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    Before you apply for an interview, there is some filtering you can do:
    Like/don't like hierarchies? Go for big/small companies.
    Moral flexibility and personal interests select the industries and projects you should look for.
    Some industries are known to be bad choices regardless of interests - never apply for AAA game development.
    In general, the jobs that hurt people or their biotope the most, are paid best (meaning: when your job actually helps people, it is paid the worst).

    When it comes to an actual interview, it is generally a bad sign when you don't meet anyone actually knowing anything about the job and other projects done by the company.
    Ask tech questions and try at least see your future working place.
    Cube farms are always a really bad sign as are phones on each desk when not applying for a support role.

    And if the new job is still shit, just keep searching.
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    You'll never know for sure. Read glassdoor reviews, try to find people in your linkedin network, who work there and ask around. Ask to meet the people you're possibly going to work with, before accepting an offer. Also google what are the tipical red flags on an interview.
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    I have just accepted that working for a company is shit regardless of what company it is. The bottom line is always MORE MONEY FOR THE OWNERS and not the wellbeing of employees. It never is.

    No company has ever managed to keep that thin layer of false veneer intact for me, not a single one. They are all the same, with the same bottom line, the same shitty egoistic assholes, it doesn't matter.

    I have given up on ever finding work I like to do and have accepted that being an "adult" is doing shit you hate to propagate your life.

    It only ever serves to provide me money and the hours spent there I just emotionally shit myself down and treat those hours as the price of survival. Fuck companies. All of them.
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