Ugh.. why is it so hard to extract data from a god damned PDF and put it in a god damned excel. 😲

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    Why in the hell must you extract data from a PDF?!?!?
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    If you want to extract data from something, PDF is not the right format. :D It's not meant to be that thing.
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    My guess is some stupid client asked for this extraction. And this guy wanted the money so he said he'll do it.
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    @yo-yo I am doing a story on education and all the data I have is in the form of PDFs. I need to be able to play around with it and I can't do shit with a PDF that's why I need to have it on excel.
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    @snakebyte that's how I got that data. You will be surprised how many organizations give journalists data on PDFs.. and we have the worst time trying to scrape that shit... and its not even properly structured... So I can't just have one code run through the whole document. I need to write a new script for every 5 pages or so... Ugh.!!!!!!!
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    ++ for being a non-code worker and learn to code.
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