Not a rant, but still relevant:

I'm pushing 30, but have been coding/messing with computers since i was a barely a teenager.
I code at work and i code at home, and while i consider myself decently fit and observe decent routine regarding standing up regularly at work, my lower back is still all kinds of fucked. (Facet Joint Disease - look it up if you are bored)

This is SUPER common in our field and i figure most of you here are working more and more from home, from you couch probably. This is killing your back, and let me tell you, coding is freaking difficult when you feel like the thousand knives of the management layer is in your back literally instead of metaphorically.

You will be sitting in the same damn chair/set of chairs for the majority of rest of your life, make sure its good, preferably before your back is screwed.

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    Chair recommandations ?
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    Every time I see this, it makes my blood boil... Young ppl, mostly DEVs in my bubble, being fucked up from bad life style and thinking chair, massages, or sideways mouse will fix it. It won't. Human body is made to endour shit ton of physical labour. Not to sit on your ass day after day. Stop being lazy, get up, start working out. Strengthen up your core, straighten your back... If you're under 30, and you're having trouble now, just wait another 20years for the real problems to appear. Howgh
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    @AngryBacon I completely agree that we need to remember the strength training, but that still does not change the fact that in order to make our money, maintain our skill-sets to stay competitive and for many pursue our hobby, we simple sit down a lot more in the same chair than most other. So the chair will matter.
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    I wish I had a job stable enough to keep me in the same apartment for more than a year
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    Previously, I ignored the rules of ergonomics, until I started having problems with the lumbar spine. And although I work much less than you, I have already managed to earn myself some defects. Thank to this article https://zenworkpro.com/2021/03/... I learned how important the ergonomics of the entire workspace, not just the chair, are. Therefore, I decided to revise this point and my attitude to work, because health is more important than anything else.
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