Adding more random half-started projects to my hard drive.

I would put them on github but then I'd have WAY too many reps that don't function and I'd feel like I'm wasting storage on github.

At some point I need to get motivation to work on some of these

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    Join the club. We should be more worried about wasting our lives than wasting storage space though.
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    Github won't feel a few more bytes on their servers. And if they do they've got MS money to handle it.

    Just don't upload hundreds of Terabytes of data, even Microsoft doesn't like that(it's the reason they introduced the 1TB cap on their OneDrive subscription).
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    I know the feeling.

    I have ONE more or less finished (well, at least :"working") project on github (in public).

    Imagine my surprise when it was added to thier "super cold northen store". (Don't remember the name).

    It's a fucking VLC remote for winfows phone. not worth keeping
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    @NoToJavaScript I imagine 1/10 of the archived projects will be useless because they are peer dependent on ancient platforms or unimportant crap that actually wasn't archived.
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    Definitely put them in Github.
    You can create a private repo for all of them called "oldJunk" or whatever, but do it. you might need them later.

    Also, Github is Micro$oft now. Do waste their storage.
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