WhitehatJr withdraws case against Pradeep Poonia

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    kudos to india, one of the last sovereign countries in the world
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    They forgived him
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    @theabbie Why, no
    They cannot stop everyone against them
    There is far better content on YT, for every field

    They do not have much power, then why they didn't takedown Samuel Miller's YT channel

    Whitehat has great content for roasting
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    I have absolutely no fuckin idea what this is about - but a "Software Engineer at Cisco" ranting about big corps and abuse of the legal system triggers my hypocrite detector hard!

    He might as well rant about hardcoded passwords and buggy network security appliances.
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    @Oktokolo WhitehatJr is an Indian startup that scammed its way to unicorn status. And they have been suppressing dissent on social media by blocking accounts and taking down videos.

    Watch this video—

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    Nah, scammy startups aren't interesting enough to watch videos about them.

    And there can't be any social media besides DevRant!
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