Sad day my dudes... I got terminated from my job.

Startups are rough, I tell you hwat.

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    Do they have a strict no eye patch policy?

    Were you getting into too many arghhhuments?
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    My condolences. It’s never a good feeling to go through that. Take time to relax, you will find a better job!
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    did they gave you any constructive feedback or particular reason for termination? or is it part of mass layoffs?

    I hope you are okay. if you are from India or Indonesia, i can refer you in a decent ed tech Indonesian startup
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    @Demolishun he had to walk the plank and now he swims in the C
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    Aw man, dude, that sucks! Sorry, friend. :(
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    Too bad you had just purchased an expensive eye patch
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    You're still alive. You'll be okay. Try not to stress yourself out too much, and enjoy the change.
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    @Demolishun haaaa! I did have one arrrrrgument with a Sales person. But that's a story for a rant 😉.
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    @prodigy214 They did have some feedback. They said I wasn't communicating well enough with my PM. But it's a little hard to get communication with them when they are so busy with meetings 90% of their day. And on top of that ignoring your requests for a meeting when they do suddenly become available.

    You wanna know the worst part. They didn't even give me a performance review or anything. They didn't even let me know that I might be doing poorly. Just decided to kick me to the curb because I wasn't performing well, and making additional work for other teams.

    Keep in mind I've only been here for a month and a half. They didnt' even give me the courtesy of telling me I might be doing something wrong and give me a chance to correct it.

    Yeah, I'm pissed.
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    So you wanna know the more fucked up part of it. I believe they hired me just to try and keep the boat sailing for a while longer until their main Technical person got back from their leave. Mind you they've been on leave for about 2 months. So this company was sinking in requests because of their absence.

    Then they suddenly come back. Everything is merry and great. Noone is complaining or even batting an eye at performance. Then a new guy gets hired on and he gets a Senior role. Which is bat shit crazy because his credentials are similar to mine. But the twist is that he's friends with the Senior ML Lead. So you can bet your cookies that he gets the higher pay and title.

    Once all that is said and done, and mind you all of this was done in the span of 1 week. They decide to pull the plug on me.

    This is merely speculation, but it's just all too convenient in timing if you ask me.
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    @iSwimInTheC So what kind of gig are you looking for? What do you want to do (aside from the obvious “be able to pay to play the game of life”)?
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    @AmyShackles I feel like I should go back to what I was doing well at before. Support was originally where I was, but then I made the leap and sacrificed my stability to try and do something more challenging.

    The first company I was with, was a startup and that culture was great. But then it got consumed by a conglomerate. Everything got red taped and hard to do. But that shit was stable. However, stable doesn't necessarily mean job satisfaction.

    Decided to make the jump back into another Startup. My ultimate goal is to be a developer, but IDK if it's right for me.

    I just need time to recover from this loss.
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    @iSwimInTheC if they did let you go for performance, it’s on them for not bringing it up in the first place or pointing out code issues that you would’ve learned from
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    @TeachMeCode I absolutely agree.
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    @iSwimInTheC sorry to hear that bro.

    I hope things get better. Hang in there..

    Sending a virtual hug. If you need help with job hunt, do let me know. I'll try rhe best in my reach to help you.
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    Sorry to hear that man :( Hope that something good comes your way soon in a place that actually cares about mentoring and correcting the bad things that may happen in the work place.

    They should have gone ahead and talked to you beforehand or do something to prevent the situation. It speaks more about their quality as an employer than anything else.
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    This is what pisses me off. Companies bring on a JUNIOR and they fire the junior for making JUNIOR mistakes aka mistakes a junior should be expected to make and should be taught not to make! If the junior can’t learn that’s one thing, but firing him without trying to bring him up is super fucked up (unless the firing is due to unexpected financial shit like business tanking)
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    @TeachMeCode @AmyShackles @AleCx04 @Floydimus Thank you all for the support I really appreciate it. I know I'll be ok.

    @TeachMeCode You know it's interesting... I ramped up and understood their system within 2 weeks. I had a few slip ups here and there, but it wasn't mistakes that I couldn't come back from.

    In fact they were actually really surprised at how fast I had learned their system. I'm just pissed that I spent so many late nights to make sure features and projects were getting out the door on time.

    They had no respect for the hard work that I had spent time on.

    You wanna know the worst part. I discovered and built solutions that they are using now, and didn't even credit me for it. Just saw that I built it, liked it and started integrating those changes into the rest of their other products. Not even a mention, shout out, or a thank you for that improvement change.
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    I'm used to being in a thankless role, I've done IT Support, I know how to handle that shit. What I can't handle is being squeezed for what I'm good for and then tossed in the trash like a used rag.

    It's fucking degrading!
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    @iSwimInTheC at least you know what kind of a positive glassdoor review you will write
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    @electrineer that's really funny you say that because. Just about 3 weeks ago they sent around a company wide email asking everyone to put positive reviews on their glassdoor.
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    @iSwimInTheC I know, you made a rant about it
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    @iSwimInTheC You should have know then... ;-) This was foreshadowing. Yeah, they sound like dicks.
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    @electrineer ah, an avid follower of my rants. 😏
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    @Demolishun you're probably right... Either way out of this was me leaving or getting fired.
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    @iSwimInTheC Don't blame yourself. That is why I put the ;-). People do dick things and we only notice the signs after the fact. Hind sight is 20-20. The stuff we experience only make sense when we get forced to analyze what happened.
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    @Demolishun there should be an AI to predict company behaviour
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    Some startup CEO’s straight up think they’re some modern-age Ray Crocs and thus fire just because they measure people only by closed tasks per hour. Ethics, empathy, seeing persons in people, helping people to grow based on their personal traits, all this has no value to that kind of CEO whatsoever.

    If that’s the case, then celebrate, you just dodged a bullet. It’s better to be fired now than graduate to a board member of that “startup” and engage in legal battles when that “CEO” wants your share. Or better even, to make your way up again when that CEO frames you for some horrible public backlash incident.
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    @kiki lol I don't think it would ever get as bad as the latter part, but you're probably right. If they aren't valuing my abilities now, they probably won't value it in the future.
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    @iSwimInTheC I have experience in building task forces.

    When I hire, I hire, if a person passes my interview, they are at least decent. I carefully analyze GitHub, I ask a diverse set of questions. If that person passes probation period, they are here to stay.

    I integrate that person in my team based on their strong suit. For example, if that person knows docker better than we all do, they become our expert of docker, and we all come to them with any tough questions related to docker. Replace docker with any technology or architectural term. Besides that, I make it so that person also knows how our entire project is built. If we all go to two months vacation and leave them alone, they will be able to carry on all alone. Yes, an UI implemented by backend specialist may be suboptimal, but it will work, although it will be basic. I make it so any of us knows how to do anything regarding our codebase.
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    This leads to two things:
    - that person experience a huge boost in confidence and the sense of responsibility for the whole project
    - if someone leaves our company, we have to somewhat rebuild our processes, but not so much

    That’s it. This is how you build small teams in a way that ensures good productivity and healthy climate without all that “I’m your superior and what I say goes” type of bullshit.

    What about tasks per hour? Well, I always build a DSL, or straight up use declarative tools, so we develop way quicker than usual codemonkey medium-dwelling Dan abramov react wannabes startups, also we have less code and less bugs, at the cost of our UI not being so intricate and polluted with useless designer fever dream forms.

    Thus far, the whole thing works as a charm.
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    By the way are you a fullstack node developer? If so, let’s talk, I need one asap
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    @kiki sorry I'm not :/
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