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I fucking hate you YouTube

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    Not YouTube, the creator is greedy, they choose where ads appear
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    @theabbie Both are to blame.

    The creator is greedy or not aware that he/she can turn this off but YouTube for facilitating this.
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    I mostly watch youtube videos with my rssreader and newpipe.
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    Why are you on YouTube when text-based tutorials with 0-tap forward/rewind are a thing? It's just faster, and marginally more effort.
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    But think of teh business maan! Need to make quarter mas quarterly so place ads for moar damoneys.

    If not enough damoneys juss firah some peepl or fukk production quality up teh ass. Actooo-ally both, ezy damoneys.

    Ya sum peepeel say kutt it with the fucking publicity nah capitalize on attention mang make damoneys.

    And custom her sovice khan succ teh cawke, dats tres cool. Take funds from healthker, invest in damoneys. Cacheen! Prophit, be filthy rich. Get damoneys.

    Or else.
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    Hi everyone! Todays video is sponsored by uBlock Origin. It blocks all ads and trackers everywhere. It even makes websites load faster. You can turn it down on your favorite websites too! If you don't have it installed on your browser yet, don't waste your time with this video and do something beautiful for yourself today. Install it. Please.
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    uBlock and SponsorBlock plugins are great to have youtube bearable.
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    It's a consequence of free services. Creators are not just randos uploading shit, but they take that as their job, and they must get paid. The only way to solve it is by paying
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    @eo2875 I think OP is more going on about the amount of ads, not that they do run ads.

    Not too long ago, I saw a video that had a pre-roll ad for 1 product, was sponsored by another and the video itself being a paid promotion for yet another product.

    Yes... YouTube(rs) literally putting ads in videos that are basically already massive ads, that contain ads for other things :^)
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    That's why I use Billibilli sometimes.
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