My girlfriend lost her hair band at my house. Today I found it and finally solved the problem of tangled cables!

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    Good idea! These are scattered like spider under rocks in my house..
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    The thing which solves the problem of tangled hair also solves the problem of tangled wires. (good to know)
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    That type of hair band is bad for her hair anyway. I use them for wires and as bag ties.
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    @Eariel Flat bands then?
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    @cst1992, for my hair I use elastic towel hair bands, scrunchies and spring/spiral hair bands. I also use ornamental chopsticks.
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    @Eariel She said, that she knows, but the spiral-like bands are extremely ugly :^)
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    @adampisula, I have curly hair. Spiral bands just go with it 🐑🐏
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    I use satin ribbon scraps for mine. They look so fancy!
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