Cable management goals 😀

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    This is sexy 😵
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    Thought these were water slides at first...
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    Looks like a beautiful LEGO project
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    @kyleperik Nope, just your average lolcat tubes.
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    Imagine the signal in this cables is AC and the induction causes them to interfere with each other. I can see someone getting insane over a loss of packets and trying to debug where the additional ones are coming from. :D
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    My nerdy boner is rising
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    I love and hate cable ties for this. They are practical however trying to replace a faulty cable is a pain. Much easier to use velcro ties and just loosen them slightly.
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    I came
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    Yep, cable porn. 🔞
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    For a second, I thought I was looking at some fourth dimensional object.
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    Wish my setup was that neat :'(.
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    I wish my code looked that clean.
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    I want to make a poster out of this
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    Aiming for a first 300 ++ rant 🤓🤓
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    pls provide banana or debugging duck for scale.
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    Heavy breathing...
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    @davidbain for this kind of fixed installation cables very rarely break.

    Its almost always loose cables that are moved around or contacts that break.

    So on these installations cable ties help keep cables static.
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    This is honestly so relaxing to look at.
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    @orijin or even worse if they mix data and VoIP cables :/ gotta cross those not run in parallel
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