"If you want to be the designer that stands out of the rest, do something more than just designing. Make an interesting project like for charity, start an agency, hold an exhibition, start a design festival or build a site like Behance. Become interesting." - Jennifer Cirpici

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    what the fuck is a jen ciprici?
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    @bad-frog this plus start a design festival. Ok what’s a design festival? Build an interesting site um like uh behance and stuff...she’s probably a barbie billionaire daughter with a dumb barbie brain who thinks these things are simple for us who aren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths
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    @TeachMeCode yeah that, and preferential treatment.
    rich parents know rich people.
    if i had an idea that is worth money i'd prolly get it stolen from me. dont have money to suit around.
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