I wonder why stack overflow gets so much hate on here. To me, it is a tremendously helpful community. People are usually pleasant and forthcoming.

I sometimes see questions closed as "not constructive", even though it has thousands of upvotes, but generally, if you follow the rules, you'll have a good time.

Maybe people want SO to be something it is not, or maybe people behave differently around different technologies. I mostly find Python, Djang and general web answers, and they are fine

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    I just want to get some friendly community in SO, even there is sth in here devrant...
    I want to talk with those professional programmers in SO...
    Share some jokes, talk something... Thats my only wish..
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    It might also depend on the language, in the R community on SO I've never seen any meanness.
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    Just wait until you pour 3 hours of your time into answering a guys question, and he comments "that works, thanks!" INSTEAD of marking it as the answer.
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    @qbalsdon yeah, that gets me. Least people can do is accept the answer
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    I don't hate so but I dislike the community. Used to ask questions but even the ones in which I described everything into the tiny little details and searching for fucking ages on search engines, they always got downvoted or closed as non constructive or whatever. I just removed my account at some point.
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