Fuck YOU Xcode!

20 crashes since I started working this morning.

Restarted the iMac, same shit.

Cleared NVRAM/PRAM whatever its called, same shit.

Closed EVERYTHING, restarted iMac again, unplugged from the wall, left it few mins, replugged back, turned it on, continued working, AND IT STILL KEEPS FUCKING ME OUT OF NOWHERE.


P.S. this rage got me to a point where i had to make this paper

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    You code also try that JetBrains product. Cannot remember what it was called, maybe app code
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    Yeah,fuck you xcode
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    I was building yet another dsym file to debug yet another iOS bug, and said aloud to my colleagues "I wonder what crazy obscure Apple lingo bullshit to expect."

    "Not enough trampolines."

    ... oooOooh of COURSE

    Edit: no I'm not making this up, trampolines are actually a thing. They're like memory registers sort of, and convince me that Apple's dev team hired circus acrobats and/or Homer Simpson.
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    I switched to WIN10 on my macbook pro, with bash for windows everything is fine for me :))
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    Why are people here suggesting Windows and Visual Studio??The guy is an iOS dev and last I checked you can't develop iOS in Windows. Please let's stick to the rant and not what you are thinking is best, even when it clearly isn't in this context
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    shhh reasonability has no place in this rant!
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    I had to work with xcode a few years back, omfg I've never been so depressed programming before.
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    You can develop to iOS with visual studio, you can even code 1app and deploy it to iOS, android and winphone. There is no reason to use xcode (besides of taste or being a fanboy)
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    @Salmakis I am sorry but you are wrong.You will still need Xcode if you are talking about using Xamarin.Even ionic.You Will need xcode.I think what you are mistaking here is that the codebase is one but the building process isn't.
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    @Salmakis I know about all of these options, and trust me its not because of fanboyism, no, the only software languages i know and "master" so far are swift and java, i know c# a little, but i got no time to restudy and master the c# before i even start using xamarin, plus im not sure how much "features they have like extensions and whatnot" also if they even support cocoapods libraries at all (in short i got no time to research for alternatives)...

    Its just not an option for now, nor it will ever be, its a bummer that xamarin is free and good support while xcode/ios you pay yearly fee for all the features and when you find a bug? You wait for the next iOS release, which is like "fuck you you're stuck in this pit for 100 days before we even dare and try to fix it"

    I can go for days talking about it
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    Ye maybe u right, i know that you need it for the last building process, but just load a project, do some build/license settings is nothing comoared to coding with xcode
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    Should have just printed the 0 in the box :-D
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    Apple apple apple 🤮
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