I am loving this week’s topic.

So many people see their alternate profession as simply following passion and becoming an artist.

The art of teaching, or making food, or producing music, or making things, and so on..

We are so different in our artistic capabilities yet so similar in our professions.

Divided by lakhs of factors, united by love for ranting.

Let the passions not die out!

Cheers! 🥂

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    >simply following passion and becoming an artist.

    No. Rather this is normal in other nations. We, Indians, are conditioned to follow the rat race of graduating as a doctor or an engineer by 21 and getting a stable job, marrying and having babies before you turn 30s.

    And from 30s you live your life for others and regret not having enjoyed enough.

    When I was in London, I saw more artists and people in other jobs and very very very few in fields like "computer engineering" or some major white collar things. Relatively.

    Hence, dignity of work comes into the play there.

    Many pursue education post marriage, remarry in 40s, etc.

    What we consider different here is normal there. Hence, you'd see a lot of creators and artistic people on YouTube. Primarily because education is not cheap in US especially and hence people resort to such side thing.

    I might be wrong but this is what I have experienced.
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    @Floydimus I think your analysis is pretty spot on, but not only for India but for many other societies or social groups.
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    @Floydimus Agree that dignity of labour is major factor.

    By “simply”, I meant “if given chance”. But, alas, WE don’t get that chance.

    We know who WE are.

    I still love this week’s topic.
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    @Cyanide Just to clarify: software development IS my greatest passion and I would probably choose it again as a career without hesitance over any other profession.

    It is just that there are soooo many other interesting things one can do that, if sofware engineering was somehow not an option anymore, I could easily find fulfillment otherwise.
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