Have you ever worked on a solution for weeks, or maybe even months, and then hear from your boss that that feature is not so useful as we though and won't make it to production?
They paid me for nothing, but at the same time I spent stressful days trying to figuring out how to make something nobody will ever use…

It happened so many times in my life. 😪

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    Working for a high cause, are you?
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    Well it’s better and way easier to make software that won’t be released. You don’t have to support it and maintain it. You just ship it to management and they ship it to trash.
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    Like @vane said I've had worse. Created stuff that you know beforehand is not going to be used or at least only by a handful. Maintaining and adding more features for years...
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    I've been there, and it sucks. At least it's one less thing to maintain.
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