CEO "If you make costs to build a home office for covid, please be aware that you can fully declare your bills, and you'll retain ownership over the ordered goods. Please all buy some good desk chairs and keyboards, so you can work ergonomically"

6 months later, CFO: "Bittersweet, why did you try to declare €35000? What are these invoices even? Concrete rebar?"

Me: "CEO told us to build a home office. I got permits from the town to dig a souterrain layer under my house. This is just for the foundation, the bills for drainage pumps, sheetpiling, geothermal heat exchangers, insulation, flooring, electricity and of course desk & chair will follow later"

CFO: 😳

(To be fair, I really did make those costs, but was just trolling by uploading all the material bills)

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    LoL 🤣
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    That’s awesome! LOL
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    A CEO sponsored mancave 😄
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    Well if it goes through it goes through, no hurt in trying
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    Also 35k for basement permits and material? Wtf
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    @myss Well, 180 cubic meter of (industrially polluted) soil removal, then a pile foundation consisting of 18m deep steel pillar sections pressed through clay until they hit sand and filled with concrete over 60m2 area, 3m high concrete pillars and long steel beams to carry the house, living room floor with heating channels... And yeah I live next to a river, so pumping the water out and getting the sheet piling waterproof is also quite essential.
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    @myss So the €35k is only for excavation & foundation.

    The actual basement home office is gonna cost 150k-200k, for 60m2 (645sqft). But, it will have a small swimming pool, a bar & wine storage, have heating running on a geothermal buffer and A/C supported by cool river water, a pantry with a kitchen, and a home cinema.

    Which, apparently, my employer considers "not essential for fulfilling the job description"

    But I need a bubblebath and a glass of wine every time I have worked with Javascript 😢
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    Man you really plan on living the homeoffice life to its full 😂
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    That is how the most-restrictive terms are born...
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    @myss Well I financed part of my current home with bitcoin* and the rest is almost paid off, so I was able to get a mortgage extension for renovation.

    (*I mined & bought about 1K bitcoin in 2010, sold at $90 for $90k, paid $40k in taxes, put $50k into my house.

    So the tiny basement swimming pool and bar is my consolidation prize, where I can sip cognac and cry over not hodling because it would have been nearly 50 million today 🤷)
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    @bittersweet if only you could sell this 1k bitcoin right now your home office would also have a helipad
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    @vane don't be mean 😄
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    @heyheni Haha I honestly think I have no right to complain.

    With foreknowledge of markets, anyone could be a billionaire.

    So just looking at the results as they are, on their own... Getting that kind of ROI with minimal effort is amazing.
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    This is how/why humans in Wall-e forgot to walk 😅
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    @vane I sincerely laughed 😁
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