Eureka! The IBM 5150 is on the internet!

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    If anyone is interested, you should get in touch with Michael Brutman at http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/ . He has written DHCP, FTP, FTPSRV, Telnet, and many other EXE programs that run on very early PC-DOS and MS-DOS machines.

    It takes some effort, and I recommend using 3COM 3C503 etherlink cards. There are tons of configs to mess with regarding IRQ channels and hardware addresses, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it.
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    Looks so pretty!
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    Here's today's Bitcoin values from coindesk via telnet using my Hackintosh as a server.
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    Retro view of Hack-A-Day website.
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    That. Is. Awesome.
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    If you look through my older rants, you'll see that I've been hacking at this for a few months. I bought the 3Com Ethernet card after stumbling onto Michael Brutman's site. The full hardware loadout is as follows:

    IBM 5150-XT
    Intel 8088 4.77 MHz
    64k onboard memory
    Tecmar First Mate 512k memory expansion
    Lo-Tek IDE to ISA card and bios for Compact Flash drive
    4gb (2x2gb partitioned) Sandisk CF Card
    3Com 503 Etherlink II-TP w/ RJ45 port card
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    MS-DOS 5.00 Beta
    mTCP Software from MB Brutman
    3C503 TCP/IP Packet Drivers
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    Next step is to embed a raspberry pi zero in the case to act as a telnet client and wifi relay to my wifi router. :D
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    I really like stuff like this and im always pleased to see old hardware run ☺
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    That brings back memories. Those were good times.
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    Can you still build a time machine with that? Or is it too modern?
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    My brother is working on getting a realtime Bitcoin ticker in ascii art to run on it via telnet.
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    *adds project to the list*
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    I'm working on a Medium post to chronicle the project. It will rep the Hell out of DevRant too!
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    @lquessenberry/fun-with-the-ibm-5150-pc-b8ac11757c31#.3fg6ynnfv" style="color: #54556e;">https://medium.com/@lquessenberry/...

    Medium Post Up!
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    Hey how did you do that cool VHS-style effect on your GIFs/captures?
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