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    Bob resigns the same day.
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    See now if Bob was smart it works like this:

    "I hear we have this problem. I think i can solve it and there will be all these benefits from it ... but oh man I'm just bogged down by <insert shit I don't want>."

    Blamo, Amy back there gets the shit work and Bob is the hero. ;)
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    @N00bPancakes yes until you get it done... and she goes to the boss and says "I can't do this" so then goes back to you and of course she did absolutely no work.. but the deadline is unchanged
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    Damn it Amy!!!!
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    After pulling a number of these saves, Bob then takes 2 weeks holiday and doesn't answer his phone. When he comes back, he has no such resistance when he signals he's thinking about leaving unless he gets a hefty payrise...
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    And this is the reason you dont do bonus shit in work. Learned that the hard way.
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    Literally happening to a co-worker at our second location right now. He's the last guy left over there, who has any idea of all the infrastructure, management fell asleep on the job and apparently he negotiated and they don't want to pay him more.

    At our location we already pray he won't leave as soon as he can, because once fires start burning over there, shit will hit the fan hard for the whole company.

    Also, even though not on location, but we will be in line next to take over that pile of shit at their second location.

    "Why can't we retain qualified employees? _WHERE DID WE GO WRONG?_ "

    What a shitshow.
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    Hey! Get your source right. My name is not Bob...
    Or could there possible be a miniscule chance that this also happen to someone called Bob?
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    @2Fdev2Ftcsh it happened at least 21 one of us so far I think.

    I'm sure someone reading this on the site is named Bob.
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    Its like that in all business XD
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    Same story.

    I once helped with coming up with a node architecture for live score platform.
    And now I'm dealing with doing it for other projects. Fuck.
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