how hard is it to set up a wordpress site? i hate to ask but am too busy just to try.

i always build everything from scratch, but my mother constantly asks for a new website providing wp-templates as examples. none of my past fancy features were used so i am a bit tired of putting in the effort. is it worth it or would i just create technical debt? what about security concerns, updates and upwards-compatibility with new php versions to come?

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    Hey it is easy. Don't worry about securities, If your site is just content based. You are good to setup one by own. I mean there are inbuild free plugins that will be helpful.
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    The whole point of WordPress is to make it stupidly simple to make sites...as long as you stick to the template and don't need to change anything that is.

    Just do it, for a personal site it should hardly take any time.
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    You press install and follow the prompts.

    If you can't do that, step away from the keyboard.
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