Why does WinBlows have to take an eternity to boot back up after an update !?

Does anyone here know an article or something detailing how to debloat this fkin OS? I just wanna play Steam games. Everything else is almost extra.

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    1. On windows you cant open files multiple times per default.
    2. Windows uses a hybridkernel, that means it has many processes that are important from boot time on and that cant be easily replaced.
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    @stop I noticed that even after it boots up, it takes 20 mins for Disk Usage to come below 100%. I use a HDD, maybe thats partly to be blamed. But i use the same hardware in linux and it doesnt torture me this way.

    If files cant be opened by multiple processes i would expect it to have a much lower disk usage.

    The shame is i cant even download steam updates until windows finishes shitting on my HDD.
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    30 gig install turned to 60 for me in a couple days ! Linux barely budged
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    @purist open file also means that an dll is loaded or an file is executed. Linux uses an other method. It allocates new parts of the filesystem and marks the old as deleted, but until the filedescriptor is closed the old content is still there
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    Reptilian illumintis!!!
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    @purist win 10 is designed for sdd usage. You should get one.
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    @iiii That is so sad to say that OS which has 80% market share is not ment to be used with hdd
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    @danielstaleiny well, to be exact, any OS is better with SDD because OSes tend to use many small files frequently, which is the strongest part of SDD. Linux, Windows, Mac - does not really matter: they are all sluggish in typical graphical user mode when installed on HDD.
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    its been getting better on reload time, but not the bloat.
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    There are a bunch of debloating tools around.

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    @platypus hehe i havent seen that page in awhile :P come sit on grandpas lap, he''ll be dead soon and wants a visit :P
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    @platypus Thanks for the link. But i would rather not download a program to remove things from my computer.
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    @iiii It is infuriating when i hear someone say HDD is already out of the picture. SSD is still too costly for normal people to use it as their main drive. And it is not like all OSes suck at HDD too. Linux is a breeze. Why should windows take 20 frikkin minutes to allow me to do what i want to do with my PC !? Fuck all game developers for developing games exclusive to this brain dead OS and fuck NVIDIA and AMD too.
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    @purist hdd is good for backup that isnt going to fizzle out and you can still recover data from once the hardware is dead, and its cost effective as hell, its just SLOW.

    ssd is great for the system drive and anything that needs to load, read and write FAST

    so I agree.
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    @MadMadMadMrMim i am not disagreeing with the fact that it is slow. It was slow always. Whats special now ? I am not expecting the OS to bootup under a minute even.. I would be glad if it crosses the bootloader screen under a minute under dual boot. But what has happened to HDD technology so much so that an OS cant leave the HDD alone before the heat death of the universe !? Why fkin force-sell the handicapped OS on a laptop with only HDDs if it is too modern to handle HDDs ?
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    @purist I'm not saying that hdd is totally useless. You can have a small sdd for system drive and large hdd for everything else.
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