So I want to build myself a custom buttonbox for star citizen and warthunder, my hotas really doesn't have enough or fittingly placed buttons for either of those games. What would be the best approach for this?
My first thought was to take an arduino or some AVR chip on an USB connection and write a custom JoyStick driver but that would be a major pain on the buttocks.
Also would I buy an Arduino or go full custom stuff and buy some chip from TI and DIY the board completly?

On the other hand if I'm gonna tinker with stuff on my own time I propably should pick up an ARM processor so I get familiar with the architecture, but that's propably overkill.
But 8-bit AVR is so constrained so maybe if I want to expand and create something like an MFD the poor 8266 would propably just go up in flames.

Has anybody a better idea or knows some ready to rock board for this kinda stuff? Best case scenario with a Joystick driver or something?

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    Raspberry Pi Pico?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 sounds good but I'll still would have to build the driver, but what's a good sideproject without a challenge, thank you!
    Also bloody amazing that you can get a chip on a board with GPI/O for 5 bucks.
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    You can use a arduino with a Atmega 32u4 processor, wich as a build in USB driver to emulate keyboard and mouse, like arduino Leopold or arduino pro micro.
    I made my own with a key matrix.
    The program is quite easy to do and thers already tuturials online, in sites like instructables.com, YouTube...
    For the platform, if you have a 3d printer you can design the remote however you want to....
    I have a similar project for the game "from the depths" wich I got addicted to :p
    Best part, you can program keys to make combos and make a game controller for games that require lots, lots of keys.
    Don't need any micro computer for that.
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    Can also use 2 arduinos (the controller and a receiver (only the receiver needs to have a Atmega32u4 processor), then use Bluetooth or wireless
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    @GyroGearloose also got from the depths but my head starts to hurt after the first shipdesign xD. Yeah the problem is the developer of Star Citizen (CIG) is a little bit retarded concerning the controls, multiple keyboards dont really work, tried that. I would need a fullfletched windows JoyStick/Gamepad so the thing can be compatible. But I'm gonna look into that chip and its capabilities.
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    @GyroGearloose I'll gonna get something like the Leonardo for prototyping, but my goal is to build something entirely custom, so I'm propably gonna order a custom made board from something like fritzing so it'll fit the assembly. I have some experience with modelling/CAD, so I'll print some parts, but for the larger parts I'll whip up my woodworking skills.
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    Ohhhhh wood controller? Damn wish I had those skills :p
    Maybe when I finish my cnc lol
    What wood would you use?
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    @GyroGearloose standard plywood for prototyping, then some shaved down oak.
    For connecting the wood I'm either gonna just woodglue it or go with the plug connections, although they are a pain in the arse to prepare.

    And then I'm gonna color it pianoblack so it fits the Warthogs style. It's quite easy to do that if you mix some of the color in the wood glaze so that the wood takes in the color, else you just paint a layer on top of the wood that's easily gonna scratch away.

    Woodworking is quite easy to learn on your own you just need a good saw, sandpaper, a carver and some patience.
    And it's quite the helpfull skill to have if you have little money you can build proper furniture for the price of IKEA garbage.
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