I was having dinner yesterday and I suddenly get a message from someone from another team.

Them: Hi
Me: Hi

(No response for 20 mins)

Them: I'm having some problem with your service. Its not working when I do <task>
Me: Okay, let me look into that.
Them: Also, <task2> is not working
Them: And <task3> has problems
Them: Could you also look into <task4>?
Me: (visibly sweating) Let's discuss this in detail in the morning.

[Next day, morning]
*convinced that the service has a major bug*
Me: Yeah, show me what is causing the problem.

They show me what they tried. Turns out they made an invalid call and got an error, AS THEY SHOULD, and reported that as a bug. And all the other tasks were because the first call didn't work.


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    I actually uninstalled all live chat apps off my phone for this specific reason.

    If anyone needs to reach me after 5pm, call me.

    I have actually had people call me because "everything is broken". I keep them on the phone the whole time I'm looking because it's never broken, they did something wrong.

    Had a guy try to let me go like 5 times and I just kept telling him, "we're almost there just hang on." Eventually he got pissed and said he was missing dinner with his family, to which I replied, "yeah, me too, my dinner I was just about to eat is probably cold by now."

    Fuckwad never pulled that shit on me again.

    Now everyone knows, don't call me after 5 unless everything is on fire.
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    @sariel exactly
    If you let people take advantage of you, they'll do it.
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    Same here. And I've put clear error messages.
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    Been there done that.
    I built a REST API and told the team to send requests and then receive a timestamp and pretty print it.

    They: not working
    Me: what's not working?
    They: the timestamp your server returns.
    Me: it is Unix time.
    They: it is incorrect
    Me: I'm sure it is corect.
    They: can't be. It says January 1970.
    Me: no, it's the current date. Maybe you need the timestamp in milliseconds.
    They: it's your fault. I tested using 3 different methods.
    Me: let's try it togheter
    [shows them the timestamp is correct]

    They: it's not working!!
    Me: can't be.
    [5 minute later]
    Me: please try to multiply the timestamp by 1000.

    They: that was it.
    Me: told you it's not my fault. It could use milliseconds

    They: yeah....
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