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    I love this meme so much.
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    try {
    //All the code goes here
    catch (Exception e) {
    System.out.println("Something went wrong. Good luck for the next run...");

    Error handling done right 😎
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    Haha whats the name of this meme?
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    I actually had to fix client's app and it actually had every code block wrapped in try catch...
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    @ElCapitan That looks a lot like Windows 10 errors... (Minus the smiley)
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    Well, sometimes that's the only option left. I need my Testsuite to run reliably over night so any error selenium throws needs to be logged but I can't have it stop the entire show.
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    You still get an exception. You just chose to do something with it.
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    My PM actually suggested me to do this in the main.m of an iOS app :-D
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    @boubalo "roll safe" i think
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    At least users will understand that an error happened.
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    @Jilano Got an error like "Something went wrong and we don't know why. Restart the client and try again." in League of Legends once. But yeah windows errors are not better 😂
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