What almost made me quit: They still use SVN...

Aaaand until recently, some parts of their framework had to run on Java 1.5...

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    Hahaha, what made you stay?

    I'm going to quit too, we use RTC.
    Never heard of it ? Me neither and for good reason ! XD
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    The colleagues are nice and I have a wide variety of applications there... I'm like the bitch for projects they don't want to do/cannot do. This way I've learn quite a lot. objective-C, C, C++, Java, JavaScript.... And a lot more. Frontend and backend...
    I'm a freelancer and this is not my only client. So I have to do quite a lot.
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    Nice collegues make a huge difference ^^
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    On my last job we used CVS before migrating to git. With CVS everything was much simpler and juniors made less mistakes.
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    I don't know about you but to me it sure feels strange not to have pull requests and no "real" branches. Furthermore checking out a svn branch is kinda odd too. I regularly checkout all branches instead of the desired one.
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    My prayers are with you.
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