New devRant Cartoon! (https://youtube.com/watch/...) Touches on the "fun" that is family tech support. I think some of you can relate... This one is inspired by a rant by DotM (https://www.devrant.io/rants/326625). Enjoy!

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    Yeah I watched it. It was funny 😂😂 I really hate people who don't know damn about computers or printer but love to use them. Such an asshole 😡
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    The worst part is that all they ever want to print is a goddamn smiley face
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    @trogus @dfox These cartoons have no meaning to what devrant is. We post about real rants but the cartoons you make are not really showing us what devrant is. Why not make videos about punk ass clients that don't pay etc. Nice vids but not really rants.
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    @sylar all of the cartoons are based on rants that we link to.... so they are certainly real rants.

    "Clients who don't pay" is certainly another topic we can consider, but do realize "no meaning to what devRant is" is simply your opinion and just because it's not a topic you appreciate it doesn't mean others don't.

    In fact, the "tech support" type rant is one that comes up very, very frequently.
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    @dfox never said anything about not appreciating but I guess more topics are what needed
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    @sylar yeah I mean in an ideal world @trogus would be able to churn then out more quickly but they take a ton of time for him to make because of how detailed they are.

    But a variety of topics - definitely. I believe in the past one time we asked for rant recommendations. But we can possibly do that again.
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    @dfox @trogus I think you guys are doing just fine :)

    Keep being awesome
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    @tisaconundrum thanks!

    I really think @trogus did amazing work on this :) He does the whole cartoon himself, including the voices which is pretty awesome lol.
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    @dfox I think so too. And for one person doing it, is impressive
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    I just wanna say that this cartoon is not only on me, but on all the people that have faced this issue. I feel bad on only having my name in it since there are a ton of others before (and after) me that faced the same issues. I am happy that my rant was chosen, I really feel honored (I am not trying to contradict what I've said in the comments of the mentioned rant in any way, when someone told me that it had been made into a cartoon I was ecstatic), but I don't think it's fair that only my name shows on the credits for that little cartoon. Not saying everyone's names should be in there, as after said cartoon more people would still come up with the same type of rant, but make it a bit like "there are a lot of people that ranted about this issue. Here's a little cartoon about it", and that would still get the people that ranted about it after on that boat
    You may have been inspired by my rant specifically, but it's such a common topic I feel bad taking the credit on the cartoon 😕
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