Hi bros,

Asp mvc developer. Trying to write an electron app. Please suggest any good references/tutorials there apart from original documentation?

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    Interested to see the response to this.
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    I'm also an Asp MVC dev and I quite fancy playing with electron.
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    I have asp mvc background.

    First of all, to ease your life, use the electron boilerplate.


    Other than that, I had to learn out of necessity, I watched some stuff on youtube to start me off, and then I developed a proof of concept using the documentation.

    There weren't many resources when I started, there might be more now.
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    Also, since electron is mostly node, check out some node stuff too.

    Almost all your business logic will be in the form of node code.

    And make sure to understand the difference between the main process and the renderer process (it confuses a lot of people on my team)
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