I love devRant, show new prespective and many related story around me and my job.

For me devRant is like medicine, help me smile and make my good mood sometime.

But, also like medicine I only open the app on spare time or when I need it.

I just curious why so many people so addicted to this, also I see some user maybe like 90% exist and continously comment on every rant that I open.

Maybe our reference/priority is different, I prefer playing game mostly.

Well that what I think, just random spawning before go to sleep mode.

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    I don't have a life
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    Well, there are active users and not so active ones 🤷‍♂️
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    @theabbie lol, that's good excuse
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    Who cares, be glad there are overly active users...
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    If I help people it makes the guilty voice in my head less annoying....
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    When I say something stupid on devrant, I feel less obligated to feel bad about myself, because developers are robots and have no emotions.
    Whoops, did it again.
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    @SortOth someone needs a hug?
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    @IntrusionCM yes please
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    @SortOth *hug and cookies*

    And selfmad almond ice cream.

    Lots of frustration leads to lot of cooking. -.+
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    Not addicted, but from time to tíme its nice to see others have the same problems too.

    In short, devRant helps me keep cool and in perspective to the current state of the tech field on top of also sometimes pointing me into new directions.

    It's more than a platform, It's a research.
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    It is almost the only place where i can vent about all the stupid problems with software and see other people had similar problems too.
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    also, there's a lot less people here I've noticed, so you'd tend to see the same people. I feel like that gives it a bit of a friendly atmosphere though~
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