We should have a duplicate-rant function. When a certain amount hits the button the second rant with the same meme will be disabled and user blamed

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    There's a Repost option in the (--) button. I would imagine if enough downvotes due to Repost happen, the rant is removed. I think this is how it's already implemented. Only I just don't see reposts with negative score.
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    You mean the report function? Just pressed it...
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    @devlajf I tried to test this, but my test rant has a score of 0 still

    I only see Report link in comments
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    @g-m-f interesting. So what happens then? It is hidden from the user(who clicked repost option)'s rant feed?
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    Yeah, this is exactly what downvote as repost does. Right now the threshold to become a repost is extremely low, so it should work quickly if people mark it. Once it's marked as a repost, then if you have "hide as repost" enabled then it won't show up. Any rant you downvote is automatically removed from your feed too.

    Also, if a rant gets enough repost votes, it stops showing up for everyone in addition to those who have "hide reposts" turned on. But that threshold is higher.
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    @dfox sorry, totally missed this setting! Great!
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