Best tool:
Your hands!
- incredibly flexible
- express a lot of commands trough very little code (just raise the middle finger and tell me if you are not expressing something VERY strong with VERY little complexity)
- reusable
- interfaces
- smells of good soap

Worst tool:
Your brain
- highly power consuming
- wrinkly, ehw!
- overthinks a lot
- imposter syndrome
- hooked on sugar like it was cocaine
- hooked on cocaine like it was sugar
- refuses to comprehend chthulu

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    worst company : your body

    - all the parts are being managed by shitty management (brain)

    - the least useful employees (stomach, hands , face muscles) demands the most compensation

    - higher management does not want to fix current messups but rather wants to merge the lower division with another company

    - employees work overtime and management does not want to let them sleep
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    Pro brain:
    - hardware implemented neuronal network that can restructure itself to various tasks
    - the first unhackable computer
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    @stop lol brians gets hacked all the time. Haven't you heard of facebook and its mass propaganda
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    Yeah, @ostream !
    @stop git real, it’s full of script kiddies calling themselves marketers trying to hack the brain out there!

    I am crying trying not to laugh thinking about a reality where this topic is actually taken seriously until someone comes out asking: “but what about the pancreas?” And everybody collectively screams: “nobody gives a fuck about the pancreas, Steve!”
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    @devjesus Don’t forget that in 50% of the offices there is a guy which is just a dick to anyone else πŸ™„
    And the management keeps randomly diverting resources to them πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
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    The best tool to tickle my second brain
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    @devjesus that is so accurate.
    It also has the classical egocentric management team that believes it is so great it will survive any obstacle, while the rest of the team knows that it's just a matter of time before the company will go bankrupt and eventually dissapear.
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