When I tell people that I'm a software developer and they ask "Isn't that hard?"

I have no idea how to answer

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    Yes it is, that's why it's my job and not yours! *mic drop*
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    Years ago I told someone that I am a programmer and got the reply "Oh... I am sorry for you"
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    I like Challenges
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    As soon as they find out I tend to just get people asking me to sort out various computer related issues that don't really have anything to do with software development such as "why didn't I rebooted any email on my iPhone yesterday".
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    Ask them if you said hardware or software ^^
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    @TurnItOffAndOn quite often just get responses similar to "it's all just computers isn't it?" When trying to explain I don't work in a repair shop
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    @DivByZero someone said the same thing to me once
    I replied "don't be, I make more money than you ever will" that was a lie of course 😂
    But, the look on his face was priceless
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    Yes it is. You have to develop language skills, analytical thinking and much more. Its to difficult for most. Lets not kid our selfes with this anyone can do this bs. Yes, if someone spends any free minute, then, maybe.
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    @vortexman100 http://www.totootwo.com/ hehe 😂 don't mind, I constantly fuck it up too :)
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    @SirWindfield Damn. I reread it, and holy shit, too much to too errors... Normaly i wouldnt make so much of them. Thanks for the link :D
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    @vortexman100 Np. Congrats on the job btw :D I love it when people reach for their goals and succeed. Well deserved 👌
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