5 minutes downtime: "I lost millions because of you"

$100 extra on invoice: "it's too much I don't make money"

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    God, I had that client. Greatest shitshow in the history.
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    I've always found it disgusting that finance people say "I lost money" when they meant "I didn't make as much as I wanted"
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    No, you didn't lose money. You just didn't earn any for five freaking minutes.
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    You get a very funny look when you want proof.

    I e.g. once had a very interesting debate of how the average number of sold items should never be a source for estimated income...

    Financial loss - estimates for earned profits were not matched...

    The financial loss is - for purposes of legal actions - is calculable based on another set of estimations / ratings and it is yet another estimate...

    And yes. Based on the estimate of estimates of estimates some companies get a legal penalty which is.... Yeeeesss.... Another estimate based on the previous estimate which is based on estimates which is based on an estimation.

    Head rings?

    Welcome to finance. We can estimate everything.
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    This reminded me a joke :
    "The boss arrives to the company in his new supercar, all employees comes outside to admire new ride. The boss says : Come to the office earlier, be the one who turns off the lights, work really hard so next year I can afford a better ride."
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    @IntrusionCM this is really obvious. Even I get it. And I don’t know shit about finance. I’m wondering why finance people don’t get it.

    It’s kinda the same shit that the media industry is pulling of by directly translating pirated copies into money lost.
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