*team convo*

Dev: We will create another branch for the changes and merge them when required.

Director: Can we not do the changes in the current branch and comment them out until required? I think that’s cleaner and not confusing in my opinion.

Beautiful mf!

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    Seems like Director is in charge of IT operations but without any knowledge on the subject... I wrote a rant about this.

    Good luck
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    @xxzer0 Yep. That’s how it is.
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    Try one who wants you to stop working and pick up the phone even if you are doing 3d math or anything complex
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    Sooner or later someone will have to explain to him how GIT works.
    He will be amazed about what is possible in regards to branching and merging.

    He surely will want that for his texts, spreadsheets and presentations too. Too sad no one ever tried to optimize that formats for diffing...
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    There are probably no female engineers in your team due to this style of leadership?
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    @mucalena Umm.. what’s the correlation?
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